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Traditional Marketing is Still Alive!

So, we know that Social Media is growing and not going away anytime soon, but what about all the traditional forms that everyone has been working for years to perfect?

Yeah, that’s right, I mean the direct mail, brochures, the posters in the subway stations (or on the trains as in the picture above), the radio advertisements, the billboards and of course the television commercials.  Well, they are all still there, and I think, just as important…well, maybe not the television as much.  With TiVo and the ability to skip over the commercials, television may be changing as well, but we will get into that another time.

I personally think that there is something to be said for the idea of being able to see something in person, touch it or hear it live.  The connection grows that much more.  I would still rather purchase a CD than buy songs off iTunes.  Being able to have the album art makes the purchase so much more worthwhile.

The same idea goes for brochures.  Why do we take the brochure when we know that we could just as easily find all of the information online and we are going to through it away as soon as we get home?  It makes you feel special.  It is as if someone thought about you when creating the collateral.  These traditional forms, make the product or service you are selling just a little more personal and special.

Although social media is definitely an important form of marketing that should be utilized, it should not overpower traditional marketing tools.

Before I started writing this post, I searched Google to see what people had to say about traditional marketing and social media, and I found a few similar posts, such as Stephen Nellas’ blog, Business is Pleasure.  He has a post, titled “Does Traditional Marketing Still Work?”  He made a good point here, which I completely agree with.  “[Social Media] is an important element, yes, but it’s not supposed to replace proven forms of promotion.”

Social media is there to partner with our traditional forms of marketing and make them stronger and that much more effective.  Social media is like that one extra support that keeps the building just a little more sturdy in the wind.  It is not completely necessary, but it will make your brand or company even more powerful.  The traditional marketing makes up the part of the structure that is necessary to keep it together.  Together, your building will be strong and last longer.

Remember, being able to touch the collateral is still just as important as it used to be and should not be disregarded.

What are your thoughts?

iPod Subway picture credited to Lost Art of Blogging

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