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Marketing is Everywhere

I finally started my first college Marketing class this week!  One of the first questions our teacher asked us was to “name something that didn’t have any marketing in it”. Then another student would have to find how marketing really does effect it.

What was the point of this?  To prove that marketing is everywhere!

Every pen you pick up, every door that you use or even where you park has some hint of marketing in it.  Why did you choose that pen?  Was it the grip?  Or, the way it writes?  How about the color?  The design of this pen was inspired by BIC’s (for example) consumers.  Consumers were looking for a pen that was comfortable to write with for long periods of time, writes well, and is a pretty and hip color.  BIC discovered this through there market research.  Then, BIC created just that, told their customers about it in an innovative way and made it available.  This is when you and I went out and purchased the pen.

How about the door?  The designer choose to put that particular door there for a certain reason.  Maybe it was random but he/she definitely wondered at one point or another “where are my customers going to want to enter?”  There is an actual whole science behind how stores are set up and the positioning of each and every bit of it. This also applies to the parking lot.  Where should each space face and how much room is needed.  This depends on the “type” of customer, what types of cars they tend to drive and if they are good drivers or not.

I am reading a book about just that now called “Why We Buy:  The Science of Shopping” by Paco Underhill.  If you get the chance I definitely recommend reading this one.

What I am trying to get at is that marketing has an incredibly large influence on the world we live in and what we do.

Now I want to play the same game that I played in class (the one I told you about at the beginning of this post).  Give me an example of something, anything where you think marketing has no influence.  In response, I will try to point out how marketing has efected it.

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4 thoughts on “Marketing is Everywhere

  1. That is a great book. You’ll love it!

  2. Jonathan on said:

    I was wondering about what you thought of how the idea of DIY (do it yourself) relates to marketing, and also, how certain things like that, that don’t necessarily have any discreet marketing associated with them are still inadvertantly marketed. There isn’t anybody who stands to gain from me making my own backpack, for instance, but their had to be something there that influenced that decision that helped it compete with buying something.

  3. I think the idea of DIY is very important especially when related to a marketing campaign. Companies want people to talk about them because then more and more people learn about them. When the consumers are starting the discussion, (especially if it is a positive one), the company has achieved its goal. People are interested. A large part of Social Media actually seems to be based on this concept of DIY and trying to get the consumers more involved. As for the backpack; think about what made you interested in making them to begin with. What triggered this hobby?

  4. Jonathan on said:

    I guess I didn’t ask my question clearly. I was wondering how marketing affects people who make their own goods and provide their own services. IE If I make my own backpack, what is the influence that marketing has on me. Do other companies have an interest in affecting what I make. Do they want me to make something similar to their product, so that I am in effect advertising for them, or do they not want me to dilute their brand. Also, how doe marketers use social media, something that inherently has a preference for non centralized social networks “market” towards people that distrust centralized power.

    Third question. Does it make sense for companies to directly have a presence in social media? It seems like people don’t respond to direct contact with a company. It seems that people respond to impressions of a product or service from a friend. It would seem that instead of trying to communicate with consumers that their should be an effort to see if there are any patterns with how these recommendations propagate. Then it would seem that their might be better ways to take advantage of these connections.

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