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Recycling and Social Media

Recently I was looking on a few social media sites for recycling campaigns and couldn’t really find any good ones.  I found a lot of generic ones but nothing that stood out from any one company.  I seem to remember a lot of hype over the past few years about recycling, but why haven’t I seen this on Facebook?  Maybe there would be an even larger response if large corporations were to get involved with recycling campaigns on social media.

Think about it…

What if a recycling social network were born?  Would this work?  The idea behind this would be that each button would encompass something having to do with recycling.  There could even been games where you have to find the nearest recycle bin or something like that.

What are your thoughts?  What other ideas do you have for marketing recycling?

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4 thoughts on “Recycling and Social Media

  1. Miriam M. on said:

    This is an awesome idea!

    Miriam L.

  2. Jonathan on said:

    do you mean like craigslist? or a more polished form of freecycle? Also Craigslist founder went to Case, but cleveland is not one of the major cities on the front page

  3. Jonathan, no, I am talking about more targeted social media campaigns. Like how they are creating campaigns with these medias. What do you mean by freecycle? What recycling campaigns have been created using Craigslist?

    • Jonathan on said:

      Craigslist is at its base a use of social media focused around recycling. Its reason to exist is to be a forum for people to reuse their items, mainly by letting someone else use their item, and them receive the value of their item. It keeps items out of landfills. It also has forums and things like that. Question for you: Is Craigslist itself a form of social media? Also, what ways would you use social media to promote recycling? To me recycling is static. Forging a personal connection, or keeping updated with something as it changes, the things that Social media is effective at, don’t really apply to social media. I can’t see a twitter page or facebook page devoted to recycling going anywhere, and their are only so many ways to tell people to recycle. The only thing I could see working would be to have a interesting facts type thing that is constantly updated.

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