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“The Social Network” Review

This past weekend was my fall break and I had the chance to see “The Social Network“.  In a previous post I had discussed what I thought it would be like, but now its time for my real review.

First off, I thought it was incredibly interesting.  There were some slow parts but certainly very interesting.  Jessie Eisenberg who plays Mark Zuckerberg did an excellent job acting.

What the film really made me think of though was how Facebook has evolved and what the story actually is.  How off from the truth was the movie?

Over the years, Facebook has certainly evolved.  It used to be only for college students from select universities, and now anybody can join.  In addition to the change in members, the format of the page has also gone through a make-over.

Facebook started with just the basics with a profile and soon evolved to have a wall, pictures, groups and pages.  Now, Facebook is used by everybody with the fastest growing age group being women ages 55-65 as determined by the blog Inside Facebook.  Facebook has certainly evolved; whether it is good or bad, you tell me.

When it comes to the story of the politics behind Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, I wanted to find the truth.  The story with Eduardo Saverin does seem to line up pretty nicely according to Saverin’s Wikipedia page.  The biggest difference I found were the number which were off in the movie.  According to an article on ValleyWag, Saverin is still not credited as a co-founder of Facebook.

As for the lawsuits, owners of ConnectU have sued Zuckerberg for stealing their idea.  Zuckerberg did programming for ConnectU the fall before the start of Facebook in February 2004 and has been claimed to have stolen the idea.  The case has been settled once but since has resurfaced.

Overall, I thought the film positioned Zuckerberg in a bad light which was not fully necessary in my opinion.

What do you think about this whole mess?

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2 thoughts on ““The Social Network” Review

  1. Jonathan on said:

    still haven’t seen the movie(poor) but you brought up a thought. I feel like the user experience of facebook, and the strength of the brand where much stronger when facebook was tied to a college email address. It made it feel more secure, more safe. Knowing that everyone on there was tied to a real identity made it feel more personal, an extension of personal communication, instead of being part of the “anonymous” internet. It seems to me that by allowing anybody to join, and to join with any email address, it makes it much easier for people to be dishonest. Clearly, at least in the short term, opening up Facebook has worked, to make money, and people are still joining. My question to you is: Does Facebook run the risk of becoming like Myspace, that is will the “taste makers” be crowded out by the multitudes. Will farmville push some to another more exclusive network, or something different like twitter. Do you think that this is a trend with social media and the internet in general, that different social media things are neat when “cool” people are in on it, but when soccer moms and high school kids start using it it loses its edge and starts attracting things that aren’t “cool”?

  2. That is the exact topic I covered in my most recent post. Thank you for all of your comments and support Jonathan!

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