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Social Media in the Workplace

Even with the growth of social media, there are still countless companies who block social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter from company computers.

There have been multiple reasons including protecting company information and taking away from employees actually doing their work.  I understand these reasons yet at the same time, I also see it as somewhat fearful.  That fear is certainly warranted and expected but worth fighting.

In today’s world, it is practically a necessity to have a footprint in social media.  Yet even with this, there are still countless companies who block their employees from visiting these social sites at work, even when they themselves have profiles.  How does this make sense?  Yes, allowing employees on these sites during work time can be counterproductive but it is also hypocritical to have profiles on these sites but not allow your employees to look at them.

Allowing employees on the sites allows them to interact with their consumers and create more of a personal connection.  Because that personal connection is so hard to find these days.  It could mean the difference of a life-long customer and a bad review because of the automated responses.

Allowing all employees on these sites can be scary, so try creating a list of guidelines that the employees must follow when relating themselves to the company on the social web.

When it comes to productivity; couldn’t it be just as bad if your employees have no drive to do the work?  This way they are given energy and the vast majority of the of people would keep up productivity.  What do you think?

Now, I want to hear your opinions.  What are the pros and cons of blocking social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube at work?

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3 thoughts on “Social Media in the Workplace

  1. jonathan on said:

    I see no problem whatsoever with a company blocking facebook or twitter on company networks or on company computers. When a company does this, they are saying “when you are using the company computer or the company network, you should be doing work for the company. The reason why they ban facebook, is similar to why they might ban the use of netflix, or hulu on their company network. If you are using one of those sites, you are probably not doing work that benefits the company. These companies are not trying to keep their employees from using these things at home, only while they are on the clock. It is like drinking at the workplace. A person can’t drink a beer at the workplace, but can drink at home. If you have a job where using social media is part of your job, then these kind of blocks are counter productive, but I can see only positive results for companies that keep people working behind a computer all day of facebook.

  2. When now-a-days it is becoming a necessity for companies to have a presence on social media, it becomes part of your job. Blocking social media seems as though companies are trying to avoid it in a way. If companies are so afraid of their employees not getting the work done and being productive, maybe they can try using other incentives.

  3. Jonathan on said:

    I agree that companies shouldn’t “hide” from social media. At the same time it makes sense that they have the intern or entry level engineer or someone whose job it is, using the social media stuff during work hours, and not the people that are getting payed big bucks to update twitter or facebook. Also, and this might be something to look into, but are there industries in which social media doesn’t play a role. There are a lot of industries that do not interact with end consumers at all, but instead sell products to other companies, or produce raw materials. Does marketing through social media make sense in those industries? Are their diffrent social media services that cater to those markets.?

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