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Google…Whats New?

First off, Happy Holidays!! The holiday season is my favorite!  Everyone is happy this time of year and the decorations are amazing!

Do you all remember when Google came out with Google Buzz in early February of 2010?  Or, how about Google Wave?  I do.  I remember everybody being really excited about both of these.  Google did an excellent job promoting them…but perhaps too good of a job.

For those of you who don’t know what Google Buzz is, it is a Google’s idea of Twitter.  The idea is that you can update your status and be checking your email in the same place for primarily your Gmail contacts to see.

Google Wave came out in around October of 2009 and had a similar idea to instant messaging.  You are able to communicate with your friends on instant time and actually see what they are typing as they type it.  You can also interact with other Wave users in a chat room setting the same way and discuss various topics.  There are a few other capabilities of Wave as well, but these are the main points as I understand them.

Google did a great job of hyping up the progress of these services and making them seem like they would be great.  when it came to the actual introduction, I was left disappointed.  Google over extended themselves.  These came out at a time when there was talk of them competing with Microsoft.

Don’t get me wrong, Google is a great company and I would absolutely love to work for them one day but, there are a few things I would have done differently.  Ease up the introduction of the products and introduce them on a realistic level.  Even more importantly, if you are going to hype something up so much, keep the hype going even after its introduction and keep developing the product at a seemingly similar rate.  After their introductions, I feel like I never heard anything about them…they just sizzled.

I would have just recommended that Google focus on one service at a time and perfect it rather than trying to over-extend themselves.  What are your thoughts?

Can Google truly compete with Microsoft?

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One thought on “Google…Whats New?

  1. Jonathan on said:

    Google IS competing with Microsoft, in the fields that it is known for. Google competes in the browser market with Chrome, and Android competes on mobile devices, and ChromeOS will probably soon compete on net books. Google docs already competes with Microsoft on docs, where Microsoft also has a competitor. Google Wave is useful, and is used, just not in the way it was introduced. It is now used internally, run on companies servers. It was called a Beta if I recall which means it was just for testing. And also, Microsoft makes gaffes all the time. The Kin? Windows Vista? Lots of other things that exist but I don’t remember? Both companies make mistakes, and the ability to try something that doesn’t work, especially on googles side, are what allows them to be competitive.

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