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I have been in Italy for about three weeks now and have seen both Rome and Florence…both beautiful cities!

As I have been getting used to Italian culture, I have noticed one key aspect…Siesta.  This is when pretty much everything except some coffee shops and pizza places shuts down from about 2:00PM to 5:00PM.  This includes the entire community as well, not just the shops and it occurs every day of the week.  The actual times may differ from place to place but it is always in the mid-afternoon sometime.

I understand this idea and definitely like it but I have one question.  Doesn’t this cause a loss in profits?  Couldn’t the economy and everything be doing so much better if everyone was up and awake for those additional few hours?

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4 thoughts on “Siesta

  1. What I understand about Eurpoean culture is that they hold different priorities than we do. While we place productivitiy high in our hierarchy of needs, they value personal time and leisure more. I mean, look at the difference between an American work week and a work week in France. Although I don’t know much about the Italian economy or their mentality, I think they’ve got it right. I’m sure the stress level is much lower there, which may lower things like crime rates, hospital visits, and car accidents (or anything to do with sleep depreivation and aggitation).

    Hope you are making use of your Siestas to get gelato and espresso 😉

  2. Sarah hit the nail on the head. Americans do have the longest work week in the world.

    But also, if everything is shutting down, then the loss in potential profits is across the board. So there is no relative loss. Right?

    • I suppose you are right. In both scenerios, someone is giving up one thing in order to gain another, which in the end puts them in balance.
      What I meant was that if they value leisure more, then giving that up to have a bigger economic gain may leave them in a “deficit,” if not measured in dollars, then in comfort level or standard of living.

  3. That is interesting. Maybe productivity goes up in the hours they are awake. ie people get more work done while they are awake. Maybe that nap cuts in to water cooler time? Also do people run the same hours (9-5) or are they at work longer? Do people go to bed at the same times as we do in the states, eat at the same time?

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