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Are Email Forwards Passé?

Everybody in my family knows that I have a blog so I sometimes get suggestions about what to write about (which I love!). This time, it was my brother. We were talking about a recent email forward we got about good luck or something and how we thought it was pointless. He suggested that I write a post about email forwards. This got me thinking even more about email and how the whole dynamic has changed. Who uses it, how it is used and if it will still be relevant in ten years?
Plain and simple, it is another communication tool. But like everything else in this world, there is etiquette and and rules to go along with it.

Since the origins of Email in the early 1970s, things have changed. Email used to be used as a faster form of formal letter writing. Instead of snail mail taking a week to get to someone, email only took a few seconds. The formality of email has since decreased. One contributor has definitely been email forwards. No need to address anyone personally anymore. Mass emailing became OK. They got the point across. Formal emails have since basically only been used during networking and by those who have been using email from the beginning.

Allow me to return to email forwards, please. I still get the same email forwards every now and then from friends and family, but honestly, I am not a large fan. Forward introduced the idea of mass emails which has since been largely used as a marketing tool. Although we don’t forward them, we each get them. Mass emails are certainly efficient, but are they effective? What do you think?
I personally am more likely to respond to an email that says “Dear Annie” than one that says “Dear Valued Customer”. But even with that, they are more educational than interactive. Unlike email forwards which elicit an action, mass emails from companies tend to be educational.

Although email forwards have become somewhat passé in my opinion, they have developed into something more, a marketing tool.

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