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Color in Advertising

About 2 years ago, I wrote a paper for my Freshman English class about color in advertising. I think it is pretty interesting and have chosen to share a little bit of it with you. Enjoy.

The above image illustrates some emotions elicited from these colors.

When walking down the street, all the colors visible on signs and objects have a reason for being there. A sign with an advertisement about recycling or improving the planet will usually be green to elicit ideas about nature and cleanliness. Advertisements like these will either catch one’s eye or it will not. But, what is it about an advertisement that catches one’s eye? Is it merely the wording, the colors or the mixture of everything? When everything is put together, the final product will most definitely have a larger impact and be more meaningful to the consumer. However the impact of color is great, and can make the difference between a best selling product and a bankrupt company (Verlodt 2001, Connections Magazine). The impact color has on consumers’ perception of the advertisement is large enough to alter his/ her overarching opinion of the advertisement alone, and even the brand as a whole.
• A single color can cause an advertisement to change completely.
• The mood elicited by an advertisement and those present prior to the advertisement’s presentation have important impacts on ones perception of the   advertisement and brand in general.
• The colors depicted in an advertisement are intended, ideally for the target audience.
• The placement of such colors in an advertisement also makes a large difference in the impact on the consumer.

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