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Google+ vs. Facebook

Google+ finally made its debut at the end of June and is slowly becoming available to more and more people. I just got it a few days ago. The invites are coming out in slow waves (not Google Waves!) as Google continues to test it out.

I have had the chance to play with it and am still trying to get used to it. I find myself consistently comparing it to Facebook. The first large question I approached was the concept of “the wall”. I was trying to figure out if you could actually write on somebody else’s profile. You can choose who gets to see the post, as well. It can either be a single person, an individual circle, multiple circles, multiple people or everyone. This is done by clicking in the space below the Stream title, where it says “Share what’s new…”. You can also tag a person in a post which makes it a little more like Facebook.

One of the major differences I noticed is Google+’s use of circles. With Facebook, you have the choice to either limit who can view your profile to some people and not others. But Google took it one step further. They made it possible to split up all of your friends into groups and through that, choose who can see what you share.

Even further, Google+ has a “Hangout” feature where up to ten people can participate in a video chat where they can utilize chat and YouTube features at the same time. I think this feature is truly excellent however there are still some kinks. Once these kinks are ironed out, I think it could be really amazing

Take a look at this article on Technorati about Google’s Social Media Marketing Plan. They say that it was one of the first steps in bringing Facebook and Twitter to the table. Google hopes to encourage these platforms to open up their information to Google indexing. Facebook has rejected them and Twitter just recently rejected them. To me this is interesting and a little disheartening. What does this mean to you?

At the same time, Google is definitely creating a buzz and limiting the number of invites is making the network that much more special. I hope that it doesn’t end up like Buzz and Wave and just flop. It has the potential to beat Facebook but not right away. Such a strong following like Facebook has won’t disappear overnight. Google+ means stepping out of our comfort zone and learning something new which is not an easy thing to convince someone of.

It is true that there currently is not any advertising or companies on Google+ yet but I wonder how long that will last. Facebook started out that way as well but it was just a matter of time. Companies will be looking to follow the crowd. Google makes money off of advertising and it is only a matter of time before Google+ will need to prove that it is a viable venture for Google.

Even with all this, I don’t see myself deleting my Facebook account any time soon.

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