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Every website that I have gone onto in the past week or even two weeks has been related to Apple. First it was the new iPhone 4s and then Steve Job’s death. This is completely understandable.

The vast majority of the Facebook statuses and Tweets I have seen in these past few weeks were related to Apple in one way or another. This speaks to the impact that Apple has had on the world. Yes, Apple engineers have come up with truly innovative products which have pushed our imaginations, but at the same time, the marketing that went in to these products and this brand is unbelievable.

Apple is an incredibly recognizable brand (Top 50 in the world from BusinessWeek). Even if they are not as recognizeable as some of their competitors like IBM or Intel, they have been able to do something that no one else has in the past. They have introduced computers to the “non-techy” market. Prior to the sleek look which Apple introduced, computers were mainly associated with those who lived and breathed technology basically.

I am not very tech-savy (although I would consider myself a little better off then most), so Apple products such as the MacBook and iPod Touch (both products I own) make me feel good (and like I know a little bit about technology). Apple did an amazing job at integrating many types of people into their systems as well as showcasing that.

Their advertising became iconic. Do you remember their iPod commercials (see above)? They were huge. Then the Mac vs. PC commercials. Who has never seen one? I have to admit that part of the reason I loved those was because I love Justin Long, but they were also funny and captivating. Apple understood the importance of consistency in their advertising. They also understood their customers. They kept themes going and developed them, rather than constantly changing. They also connected to their customers.

What do you think about Apple’s marketing efforts?

Steve Jobs truly did a great job leading such an innovative company. Even with him gone, I still believe the company can continue to do great things.


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2 thoughts on “Apple Marketing

  1. I agree, Apple does a fantastic job in marketing their products and just the company image itself. Next to their constant need to innovate, their marketing sector probably plays the biggest part in their success. But at the same time I have to wonder whether or not it was Apple’s conscious decision to have the their products reflected in the world as it is today. Yes, they have their distinctive white headphone cords that left everyone know, “I’m using an iPod!” But I think most of it is word of mouth advertising than anything else, something they can’t really control. Just like you said, the way we hear about most of the things Apple comes up with is through people run social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook or blogs like this one. If not the marketing, then the company’s fans (and, to an extent, even their dissenters) definitely have a hand in Apple’s success, not only by purchasing the products, but by telling others to do so as well.

    • Thanks for commenting Sarah!
      Thats an amazing point! What your friends and family tell you mean so much more than what a brand tells you. Apple has both done a great job getting into people minds to be talked about as well as had amazing luck getting seen. I wonder how Apple would be doing with out all of this word of mouth marketing.

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