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When are Emoticons OK?

Where do you use your emoticons? Which ones do you use?

With smart phones, there are more and more emoticons available to use in text messages and on the go. Because of this they are being used on a more wide-scale basis. Speaking with my peers, I have learned and realized a few key things with the use of emoticons, especially in texting. First, different cultures do use emoticons differently and some (typically Asian) may even use a larger range of them. Second, they are great for flirting. Some people put a lot of thought into the meaning behind if and which emoticon they use. With the right person, it could make all the difference. Sometimes, the right emoticon can demonstrate a feeling even better than any word could in any situation.

But, texting is not the only place we have started seeing emoticons. They are starting to be used in emails as well. Because this is a new trend, the level of appropriate-ness has not been determined, but I believe it is worth thinking about. Like I mentioned above, it does demonstrate a certain emotion that may not come through in words, which can be very important. But, is it unprofessional? I for the most part do not use emoticons in professional emails and the like but I am not opposed to it. It can make a conversation and relationship more friendly. I shy away from emoticons largely because I don’t know how the person I am communicating with will react and at my age, I am not at a place where I can take a gamble.

Tell me your thoughts and how and when you use emoticons!

As you are thinking, take a look and maybe get this app for your iPhone from Apple for emoticons. Once I get my iPhone (soon!) I am for sure going to get this app!

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8 thoughts on “When are Emoticons OK?

  1. I have gotten use to them and almost to insert an emoticon in every email.

    where did you get the ones you have displayed on your post?

    I like them because they can be enlarged (smile) Thanks

  2. Thanks for the comment Roy!

    Thats awesome that you use them in email, what do you do? That just made me think that the use of emoticons will probably differ from industry to industry.

    Here is the link for the emoticons in the post:
    They are definitely very animated.

  3. I don’t think emoticons have any place in any kind of professional conversation, as I don’t think LOL or any of that Jazz belong. I feel goofy using Texts at all in a professional setting, so I try to keep any pro-texting as simple and direct as possible. Also, I am a luddite, and plenty of my bosses at different jobs have seen texting as a completely normal way to communicate, though they don’t use emoticons, or LOL’s, so I think the Ms. Lopatin has a solid view on texting in the professional world.

  4. Very interesting about emoticons. I never heard the word before but… I have seen it used in IMs and sometimes in emails. It does add flavor to the email. It reminds me of in doctors offices there is a chart describing how you feel for children. The chart shows different emoticons from feeling good to feeling very bad.

  5. Chris Molina on said:

    Being in a professional environment and dealing with many different business people for about 7 years, I would say that simple emoticons(mainly the smiley face) are acceptable in emails. I would not use emoticons in mass emails, unless I had a close relationship with everyone on the list.

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