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Ride “The L”

Beautiful view of my neighborhood in Wrigleyville/ Lakeview

As many of you know I did move to Chicago for a short while and am now back in Boston to begin my life after college.

Just for Fun- No need to leave the water for a treat

Living in Chicago means that instead of taking “The T” in Boston which I am used to, I took “The L”. “The L” is certainly a step up in my book. As I was riding “The L” the other day, I noticed how many of the ads throughout the car were a part of a series. (Now is when I wish I took at least one picture) but I believe that Amstel Light was one of them. Keep an eye out for these. Amstel Light did an excellent job of telling a story, gaining my attention, keeping me interested and encouraged me to find out more. There were a lot of print pieces around the train giving quick facts about the history of music, the television, and so on. Then somehow the last one I read was that of Amstel Light. The last board about Amstel ties the whole series together. Now I didn’t read the entire print about Amstel Light because the previous facts may have dragged on too long but I certainly stuck around long enough to understand and see the series.

Please comment and let me know if you saw this campaign or any like it! I will be sure to get a picture as soon as I can!

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One thought on “Ride “The L”

  1. Yeah I saw it! Definitely a well done campaign–but I think the font is too small for readers to stay engaged through the series. I only read two of them…

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