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Chalkboards and Cookies!

Well it has certainly been quite a while since I last wrote, but I have still been trying to keep up with the news!

I feel like a lot of things have happened lately. I moved to Chicago, started a full time job downtown, Mozilla decided it would begin blocking third-party cookies in the new Firefox 22 set to release in June. I’m telling you a lot! But first, I want to show you a little decoration I added to my office this past week!

photo.JPG     photo.JPG   photo.JPG

(Please excuse my poor handwriting and photography skills–I am working on them daily!)

Stick on chalkboards the size of a sheet of paper! Perfect for some quick to-do lists, notes and comments on the day! I love them! Check them out at Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store either in Brooklyn, NY or online at So much other fun stuff on the site too–you may get stuck on there for a while!

Woo, sorry for the tangent, just had to share that with all of you! Back to the cookies!

I understand that blocking these cookies may make users feel “more secure” when browsing the internet but at what cost? I’ll tell you. Now with Firefox blocking these cookies by default, you will not receive targeted ads. Now instead of seeing ads that may fit your needs, they will be completely random. By blocking these cookies, ad networks and the like will loose the ability to reach the appropriate audience. I personally appreciate seeing ads that fit my needs and follow my trends. I would not on the other hand appreciate seeing ads about senior living or the cool new restaurant in LA–I am not in LA and I am no where near ready to research senior living. I currently receive ads for the best way to find apartments and events around Chicago–these are a little more relevant for me.

On the other side, for the advertiser, this means that they will not be able to reach their target market as easily. Tracking clicks and impressions just became a whole lot more complicated. How do you quantify the ROI when you loose half the necessary information? How can you accurately reach consumers and understand them if you loose insight? Yes, I understand that Safari already blocks cookies, but that is Safari–who uses Safari anymore? And how likely is it that Mozilla Firefox users will go in and try to change the settings to enable cookies–its too much work!

Please take a look at this article from MediaPost about the subject for additional information.

With all of this, I am interested to see how this pans out and if anything will change. I am also excited to see how advertising will change with this new obstacle..will this lead to a more organic form of advertising that social media has already begun or perhaps more guerrilla marketing techniques? How do you think everything will pan out and change?



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