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Ma and Pa and the New Year

Happy New Year! In this coming year, I hope that more of these small companies hop on the bandwagon and realize the possibilities that social and new media have for them.

I understand and do like the uniqueness and charm of a small boutique company that seems like family, but in an economy like ours and in a growing world like ours, the success of a company like that is not likely.

Having a presence on social media allows your company to extend its reach and gain a voice on the new platform where your current and possible future customers are.

Of course, how involved any company chooses to get with social media depends 100% on the target customers. This partially comes from the general 80/20 rule. 80% of your products/services are bought by 20% of your audience. Take a look at this post from Entrepreneurs-Journey blog about the 80/20 rule. (Ok, that little bit about the 80/20 rule may have been a little bit of a tangent, but I wanted to make sure to tell you about it) What I am trying to say is that your customers are the ones who should be deciding which platform you should be on, not you. Your company is catering to them and not the other way around.

These smaller Ma and Pa stores are starting to put up signs in their windows about being on Facebook or Twitter which is a great start, but in all honesty, it is completely pointless if your audience doesn’t even use these platforms. This new year, I small businesses come up to speed in an intelligent and well researched manner.

Take a look at a few specialty social networks:

Dog Lovers:

Interior Design:

Foodies (there are soo many of these):

Sailing Enthusiasts:

These specialty networks, give specialty companies a more easy and direct way to communicate with their customers.

What are your thoughts about small businesses and their involvement in social media?


A Children’s Toy Stand…Hmm


I have been in Roma for about four days now and it is absolutely gorgeous.  Great weather and it feels as if there is something historical on every corner so I try and keep my eyes open.

As I walk around, I have noticed a few things that I would like to share with you.

There are these stands randomly placed throughout the city (I have mostly seen them close to Trestevere) which sell children’s toys and that’s about it.  They are just the type of toys placed near the register that are impulse buys.  I have yet to see anybody look at them though.  How do these stands make money?  During orientation, one of the speakers said that it was harder to raise children here so there weren’t as many children in Italy as in other countries.  The presenter also said that there was a majority of elderly persons.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to have another news stand instead of a children’s toy stand?

Another thing I have noticed is that Rome is made up of a lot more small businesses.  I am sure that I will learn more about this as time goes on, but how do these small businesses get the word out?

That is all for now, but please comment.  Feel free to recommend places for me to go!

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